Nanhe Jaisalmer



Nanhe Jaisalmer lives a poor lifestyle in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan When he was four he was cast in a movie starring Bobby Deol. This minor role did have a major impact on his life and he became obsessed with Bobby so much so that he had Suman write to him regularly as well as collected posters and photographs and hung them on the walls of his tiny bedroom. Six years later he is now a tourist guide, able to converse in Italian, German, French, and English and became the main bread-earner for his family. Nanhe is thrilled when he finds out that a Bobby will be appearing in 'Yaar' which is scheduled to be filmed in Jaisalmer and his journey continues from there to meet his dream hero.


Dwij Yadav,Bobby Deol,Sharat Saxena