A plethora of government initiatives to provide access to education may be underway, but issues of equity, quality and access still remain.

Children, especially in rural areas, continue to be deprived of quality education in every phase – be it elementary or higher education.

Challenging the perception that true learning can only take place in a formal classroom setting, K Kampus Education – an initiative of KSS Ltd. – has launched an innovative concept called K Kampus Country-wide.

Classrooms. This converts a cinema theatre into a ‘Knowledge Kampus’ during the morning (non-movie) hours by providing educational programs.

Our education packages are affordable and sourced from the best education providers in Mumbai and other cities.

A student sitting in the comfort of these theatres will not only be able to learn, interact with the professors and prepare for competitive exams, but will also benefit from a host of other programs.

K Kampus has already been recognized and felicitated by the educational fraternity for the conceptual thinking and technology that makes this possible.

The first award was received at the World Education Summit 2012 for ‘Best Initiative for an Innovative Concept’ in education. Another award was the eMaharashtra Award 2012 for the ‘Best Technology in Education’, for higher education institutes.

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We have a network of Digital Cinema theatres and miniplexes in strategically-located Tier I & Tier II cities and districts across India.Our geographical spread presents an exciting business opportunity to individuals and institutions. If you would like to know more, drop us a message and we will contact you at the earliest. with more information.


Professors and business/management trainers can now extend their footprint using our existing network to reach out to a potential student market of thousands, while keeping to their current teaching schedules.

Contact us to find out more about this opportunity.


Coaching classes, schools and colleges can play a significant role in shaping the minds and careers of children. Apart from an academic education, they can also provide more opportunities through various.

professional/vocational courses. This will not only provide students with the required knowledge and exposure, but also help the school to utilise existing infrastructure and investments for a wider student reach. If the idea of providing a bouquet of programs to your students and adding an extra revenue stream interests you, we would be glad to share further details and work on a mutually beneficial association.

If you would like to explore this exciting business avenue further, all you have to do is drop us a message, and we will contact you at the earliest.

eMaharashtra award

Awarded Best Technology for Higher Education Institutes at eMaharashtra award 2012

World Education Award

Awarded Best Initiative in Best innovation in Education at World Education Summit 2012