Executive Director

Mr. Harsh Upadhyay joined KSS Limited in the year 2015 as an Additional Director and currently holds the position of a Director. Mr. Harsh Updahyay currently looks after Miniplex Cinemas across India and has a strong vision to reach 527 districts with a miniplex soon. KSS Miniplex, a division of KSS Ltd., was set up in 2010 with the objective of offering consultancy services to define the miniplex business model; including planning, setup, screening, operations and marketing. He has completed his B.Tech/B.E from Rajasthan Technical University and has an explicit knowledge in Digital Technology. As a director, he is well focused with his roles and responsibilities and makes sure of a good progress of the company. Clearly, Mr. Upadhyay transformed the way Indians consume entertainment content with his skills. His contributions to the company have been remarkable and hence there are 21 miniplexes and 3 single screen cinemas all over India. His cinema exhibition stretches the full spectrum of the company's business, propelling KSS Limited to greater heights.