Executive Director

Mr. Satish Panchariya, a man with excellent skills and leadership strength, is the Group Chairman of KSS Limited. He belongs to a Marwari business family that has an enriched business background. An entrepreneur with the vision to be one of the leading Business profiles from India at an early age of 17 years, his first step to the world of business was in the year 1989 in the textile industry. Mr. Satish established a company Alka Spinners Ltd. in the year 1989 and achieved exorbitant achievements in a very short span of time. In the year 1993, the company was renamed as Alka Sales Pvt. Ltd. and later in the year 1994, it was listed at Bombay Stock Exchange as Alka India Ltd. After having a successful contribution in the textile industry and listing the company in share markets, he started developing a firm interest in equities. He was blessed with Almighty’s gift to learn new business structures in a very swift way. Adding to his milestones in business, he became a co-founder of the Vinayak Sahakari Bank in Ahmedabad. Mr. Panchariya belongs to a business family and they have a bank named Kuber Co-operative Bank in Ahmedabad. The royal family has a keen interest in Investment Banking and this is how Mr. Satish Panchariya developed the same interest. Mr. Panchariya has achieved such great milestones that he has explicit contacts with listed corporate companies, business profiles and various other top profiles from the industry. With his amazing practical knowledge and a perfect god-gift of learning new things, Mr. Satish Panchariya has exclusive and all updated knowledge about Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) laws, banking laws and pursues in-depth knowledge about Board for Industrial & Financial Reconstruction (BIFR) & Debt Recovery Laws. Not only this, Mr. Satish has even excelled himself with knowledge about Income Tax, Customs, Excise Laws and all the other important laws of Indian Judiciary. He always desires to do something big and has also achieved such commendable milestones. Not only this, his global business reach has spread vast enough and currently is a Director at City Gold Group, Australia. City Gold is a leading Gold Mining Company based out at Charter Towers in North Eastern Australia. The Company has invested over $190 million to develop the goldfield, has commenced extracting gold and plans to build up gold production from its underground mines in stages towards 320,000 ozs annually. Mr. Satish is a very down-to-earth human with qualities such as an honest businessman, a motivating leader and a friendly counselor. He is a one man army who led his goals to glory at a very early age. His knowledge about corporate restructuring, mass psychology, IPOs and debt restructuring is also an outstanding achievement. His younger brother, Mr. Arun Panchariya, a delegate of Liberia is also a young business profile with whom Mr. Satish Panchariya shares his global reach by having offices in Dubai, Mauritius and London. Mr. Arun Panchariya is a businessman who has expanded his business reach not only across India but also across Europe, Middle East and Africa in the fields of trading, textiles, shipping, manufacturing and investment banking. Adding up to one more milestone under his name, Mr. Satish Panchariya became a group chairman of the KSS Limited Group in the year 2012. He was selected as the Share Holder’s Chairman for his excellent skills in business development. The KSS Limited group currently holds leading brands like K Sera Sera Digital Cinema Pvt. Ltd., K Sera Sera Miniplex Ltd., Birla Gold and Precious Metals Ltd. and Birla Jewels Ltd.