K Sera Sera Digital Cinema Ltd. is among the country’s largest distributors of Indian cinema via its proprietary SkyCinex technology.

SkyCinex outputs high-quality 1920×1080 resolution (Full HD) video and uncompressed audio, with an emphasis on picture quality that greatly lowers the stress on the eyes. These features truly enhance the overall cinema viewing experience.

KSS Digital cinema helps to communicate and reach out to more than 100 million viewers a year; which makes it an exciting channel for advertisers.

While the SkyCinex technology has taken the traditional cinema experience to new heights, the KSS package offers a suite of business and operational advantages to exhibitors and mall entrepreneurs.

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KSS Digital Cinema offers exhibitors a suite of advantages:

  • E-Cinema content delivered via satellite
  • Simultaneous release of films across India
  • Full HD quality projection, for the first time in the country
  • No print cost
  • Reduction in distribution and logistic costs
  • A counter to piracy
  • Potential to reach 100 million viewers annually

Moving your traditional cinema setup to digital technology has a suite of financial as well as operational benefits.

As an entrepreneur, mall owner or cineplex investor, your business would greatly benefit from a technology upgrade.

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